So many changes…

The last 5 months:

I moved to a new city with my boyfriend. Started a new job at a bakery. Set up the new apartment. Finally got around to setting up the new studio.


My dear cat buddy Franklin passed away. Image

I quit my job. I had some good quality bonding time with my kind of neurotic cat Panda.

Who is now less neurotic as the solo cat in the family. Image

I started working in studio like crazy because I didn’t have a job. Image

I got a new job (that I have yet to start). I continued to work in studio like crazy. And I cooked a lot of food. 


Moving to a new city has given me the opportunity to start anew. I decided to change my line of work (baking) to something that is less taxing on my hands. I wasn’t able to work in studio as much as I wanted to because I was tired all the time and my hands were really stiff. Now that I no longer work in a bakery, baking at home is fun again. And I don’t feel like sleeping all the hours that I’m not at work. In a few weeks, I start a new job at a community college as a note take for students with disabilities. I’m excited to be working in an academic environment. After a year and a half out of grad school, I finally realized that I miss being in school (well, at school). Plus, I get to sit in on classes that I never took while I was in art school.

I’m still trying to carve out a space for myself in this city. Autumn and unemployment have been mentally invigorating. Working in the studio and selling jewelry again has helped me stay focused on things that I can control (and not freak out about being unemployed). My wonderful boyfriend has been super supportive of my life choices. We even get to hang out a little more than we used to.


Studio Mascot?




I have two cats, Panda and Franklin. Panda is constantly in the studio when I’m working, usually all up in my business. Franklin only stops by when he’s hungry.
I’ve been really busy with work (my day job is Pastry Chef) but I’ll be in the studio again later this week. I have a lot of soldering work ready for the torch.